7DollarEssay.com Review

Every student would be immediately interested in a company that charges $7 per essay? But, should this be the only reason to buy from this company?

A price of $7 per essay does sound inviting, doesn’t it? Well, you may be disappointed to hear that this is not a price for a full essay, but a single page of 250 words at 7dollaressay.com, but the offer is still one of the best on the market.

When we saw that this is the actual lowest price at the company, we started to feel a bit worried. In our experience, writing services offer incredibly low prices such as this one in return of a below average or low quality papers. After all, you cannot expect the best form writers who get paid so little.

However, the company’s website looked so promising, we simply had to take a look in what they offer. Read on.

Writing Services Offered

The list of services here is provided on the official website, and contains what seems to be a solid choice of all commonly assigned papers. However, if you were looking for something more specific and not for the most popular assignments, this may not be your best choice of a writing company.

Pricing Model and Discounts

Prices at 7dollaressay.com are not based on academic level, but on quality standard. However, the company states that Standard quality is fitting for High School academic level, Premium for Undergraduate, and Platinum for Master level. As you can see, there is no option you can choose for PhD academic level, which means that this company does not deliver papers for all academic levels.

If you are a high school, college, or university student, you will love the prices this company has to offer. The $7 quote applies to Standard quality and a deadline of 15 days or more, while you can get the same paper of Premium and Platinum level for $8 and $10, respectively.

As the deadline approaches, the prices rise. The shortest deadline choice is 6 hours and comes at a price of $30 for Standard, $32 for Premium, and $35 for Platinum quality level.

This makes for such a great bargain, that the lack of discounts at the service is not really a disadvantage.

Papers Quality

As we suspected, we are looking at another service who offers unreasonably low prices to attract students to choose their company. Instead of focusing of quality of writers, such companies use these tricks to make you purchase from them instead of others, higher priced services.

In our case, this resulted to be a very bad choice, since the paper we got was of extremely low quality. It was written in bad English, contained plenty of plagiarism, and was not at all formatted or edited prior to delivery.

Customer Support

The customer support agents were nice and prompt in their replies until the point where we asked for a refund because of the plagiarism and low quality of the paper. When we did, the agent disappeared and did not even offer a revision. After that, we got no other response from the service.


Based on our evaluation, we’d say that 7dollaressay.com is far from a good writing service. Even though their pricing may seem like the best choice you have on the writing market, this company is not even worth the price they charge. Their list of services and prices are great, but the paper quality and customer support are terrible.

7DollarEssay.com Review Overall rating: 1 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Not recommend!

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Even though the customer service promised that my paper will be completed by a native English speaker, the work I received was awful. It seems to me that this company promises everything the client wants to hear but just cannot deliver. Another problem was getting my money back because after a few revisions done by their writers I realized that the submission deadline was quickly approaching but the paper was still bad. Not recommended!
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