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Have you ever tried to hire the best essay writing service with no luck? Yeah; that happens to many students. They find these awesome-looking websites that promise high-quality content delivered on time. They don’t bother reading college paper writing service reviews, thinking they already found the top service. What they don’t know is that many websites in this industry are pure scam. They will take your money and leave you without the things you expect.

We’re not saying that all services are like that. In fact, it is possible to find a top essay writing service that delivers brilliant quality by any deadline you set. Among all bad and average sites in the industry, however, finding a decent one is a tricky business.

Do you know what can help? – Unbiased essay writing service reviews!

Our Mission Is to Help Students Choose the Best Paper Writing Service

When we started a reviewing service, many of our friends were surprised. “What will you do?” – they asked. “Will you start ordering papers from each service just to review it?”

Yes! That’s exactly what we’re doing here. Our main mission is to help each student choose the right essay writing service for their needs. We know that’s not possible through simple reviews based on website features. We know that you need social proof, and you can get it solely when you read a paper writing services review that evaluates the quality as well.

We’re a team of recent graduates. We’ve been using several writing services throughout our years at college, and we know how tricky the choice can be. All those fancy websites and competitive prices are quite confusing. We managed to find a few good services thanks to pure luck, but we were also scammed out of our money several times.

We realized what was missing here: real reviews, just like the ones you read on Amazon or another website before you decide to spend your money on a product. Students from all around the world are spending significant amounts of money on papers, so proper reviews are an absolute necessity.

How We Create Our Essay Reviews

The visitors at our website often have a question: “How do you create your essay writing services reviews? Do you simply check out the websites, or do you really place orders?”

Here’s a straightforward answer for you: we really place orders! If you’re interested to find out how this process goes from stage to stage, here’s a brief explanation to clarify things:

  1. First of all, we’re continuously searching for new essay writing services to review. We have an entire database of websites, and we keep adding new ones. We often get suggestions from our readers, too. If, for example, a student wants to order a paper from a specific service and they can’t find a review at our website, they can write to us and ask for that review. We’ll do our best to check out and evaluate that service ASAP.

You’ll notice that, at this point, we haven’t reviewed every single writing service. There are too many of them, and new ones are popping out all the time. That’s exactly what makes the work on our reviewing service so fun. We’re never bored, since we keep discovering new services to review.

If you want us to include a particular website in our list, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll do our best to deliver the review as soon as possible.

  1. As we move throughout our list of services to review, we have a structured process that enables us to provide thorough evaluations. First and foremost, we check out the website in several aspects:

  • Design – Is the website clear, informative, and easy to use?

  • Prices – Can an average student afford a paper from this service? The standard in the industry is around $20 per page for an essay of Standard Quality, with a deadline of 10 days. The shortest deadline (which is usually 3 hours) costs around $60 when combined with the highest quality level. When we review a service, we compare its prices with the standard in the industry. Some writing services are too expensive. Some are affordable, but fail to deliver good quality. Others are priced within the average, but don’t meet the needs of an average student. Some writing services, however, are both affordable and great! Those are the ones we want to discover and recommend.

  • Guarantees – Does the student get the right to free revisions? Do they get a money back guarantee? Is there a guarantee for timely delivery? We always check the terms and conditions of a particular website, so we save you a lot of time before ordering a paper online. We inform you about the most important guarantees in our reviews.

  • Customer Support – This is a crucial element that determines the effectiveness of a writing service. As a customer, you should be entitled to 24/7 access to the customer support center. We check if there’s such ability. Plus, we often send messages to the support, so we can make sure they are effective throughout all stages of the order.

  1. Once we check all features of the website, we move onto the most important step: mystery shopping. Have you ever heard about mystery shoppers, who visit restaurants, boutiques, and all kinds of organizations with the intention to review them? They act like real customers, so they purchase the services or products of the company. Then, they review every single aspect of the experience, including the quality. We do that!

Before completing an essay services review for our readers, we place a real order from the service. We tend to order different types of papers, so we can check the versatility of different companies. Sometimes we get plain essays, and sometimes we opt for more elaborate types of content, such as research papers, case studies, lab reports, etc.

We evaluate the entire process of the order. We check how the writer follows instructions. Are they willing to accept additional guidelines? Will they accept to provide free revisions after the delivery? Is the content unique? Most of all: is the quality of the paper good? You’ll find all answers in our reviews.

  1. Finally, we compose a readable, well-structured review for you. Thanks to all reviews at our website, you can compare different services and place an order from a secure, reliable, and high-quality writing service.

We Welcome You to Join the Discussion; Share Your Own Reviews!

We’re trying to build a community here. Do you know why? – Because we’re aware of the fact that the same service can perform differently from case to case. Some of these companies have versatile teams of writers, which means they can assign someone with relevant knowledge and education to any order. Others hire freelance writers with general qualifications. They will deliver average results, but may fail miserably when it comes to more complex orders.

That’s why we invite you to join the discussion at our website. Feel free to comment on each of our reviews with your own experience. Keep in mind that we delete fake reviews! We always check the email address, so we can make sure it’s real. We do not want our readers to be misled. Please share your own experience and be honest about it!

We’re stronger when we’re together! Share your experience and discuss different services with students who have tried them before.

With Our Reviews, You’ll Easily Find the Best Writing Service

Now that you know how we craft our reviews, it’s clear that our main goal is to help students. We’re aware of the fact that students have no money to waste. The last thing they need when ordering papers online is to stumble upon a scam. We prevent that from happening!

You’ll gain several benefits if you go through our website before ordering papers online:

  • You’ll learn about the difference between a standard writing service and a bidding service. Bidding services are really popular lately, since they allow you to choose your own writer. But are they better than the standard ones? You’ll have to read some reviews to get the answer to that question.

  • When you compare reviews at our website, you’ll be able to find the most cost-effective service. We give you information about the price/quality ratio.

  • You can see if a particular service is a good choice for the type of project you want to order. As we said, we order various types of papers, so we can check the versatility of the services we review.

  • Finally, you’ll rely on the experience of other students. Just as you read the reviews on Amazon before ordering a product, you may check out students’ opinions before choosing a service.

Clearly, our reviews lead you to the right choice of a writing service! Are you ready to start exploring this industry? You’ll find plenty of reviews at our website. If you don’t find the review you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll provide it within a very short timeframe.