EssayLab doesn’t claim to be bigger than it is. Their website is not filled with statistics on how many hundreds of writers they have, or how many thousands of projects they have completed this month. They are a modest sized company with a modest attitude. The company hires qualified and professional writers, they do not plagiarize, and in most cases, they hit their deadlines. Their service is secure and confidential.


On their website, they use the umbrella statement of, “We can provide you with any kind of academic writing services you need.” We pressed their customer service department and were told they concentrate mostly on essays, assignments and research papers. They also say they are willing to complete shorter dissertations, and that if we have a project in mind, then we should check in with them to see if they have the writers available.


Click on the prices tab at the top of the website homepage, and you will find a table of prices. They give you a general idea of how much your project will cost per page. For example, if you have an essay that you want completed within just a few hours, it will cost you between $30.80 per page and $44.20 per page depending on the academic level you need it written for. If you have a long deadline, you may take advantage of their lower prices. For example, if you want your paper and you are willing to wait over two weeks, you may pay as little as $16.50 per page to $29.80 per page.

Discounts and special offers

They offer a free title page and a free outline. They will give you a free plagiarism report and they make free revisions. You also get free email delivery, but that should go without saying. There are no Essay Lab discounts or special offers, but you may be able to negotiate a lower price if you contact the customer service department and try to haggle. You could try quoting the prices of their competitors and asking them to try to beat their competitor’s prices.


We were happy with Essaylab’s research papers, especially with the liberal arts, but their work on business and hard science papers was less impressive. They actually offer different prices for business writing services, but they clearly do not have the writers for it. Of the three business papers we sent them, only the simplest was completed, the other two were completed by people that clearly didn’t understand the underlying concepts behind the subject. Try testing the company before you make a big order, and consider another company if you have a hard science or business-related paper.

Customer Support

We spent a lot of time contacting their customer service department to clear up some of the vague claims on their website, and we were pleased with the response we received. We pushed them rather hard at times, and none of them hung up on us or suddenly went offline. Their customer support staff is tenacious and is clearly highly trained, so you will not be disappointed if you have a question or comment.


From our review of EssayLab we conclude they sparkle in some areas and slump in others. You should contact their customer service department prior to making your order because their money-back guarantee clearly states that they may not be able to find a writer for your project, and if they cannot, then it is up to you to cancel your project in order to get a refund. The company does occasionally miss deadlines, but their money-back guarantee makes it clear that they are willing to partially-refund your money for the inconvenience. If you have a liberal arts paper that needs completing, then you should consider Review Overall rating: 2.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Good price/bad quality

3 5 1
Yes, they have good prices and yes, they deliver on time. But when you get a paper that does not even resemble what you asked for in the first place, what can you expect from a revision? I got a bad paper and I had to pay for it.

quality Ok

4 5 1
Got my essay on time, but it needed few amendments so I have asked the writer for the review. Overall quality was okay. Be attentive to references while ordering from them.


1 5 1
This service is a scam! I have ordered an essay from them and paper I have got was not original! Several sentences were copied from another essay. Stay away from them!
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