We try to produce the best essay writing service reviews we possibly can, but it is sometimes difficult with an essay writing service such as Essay Shark because they use freelancers via their website. They have web interface that allows the user to pick a writer. As a result, Essay Shark’s output can vary in a way that makes their service difficult to review. Some writers are great, and others are not so great. However, to the credit of Essay Shark, they do remove the accounts of writers that repeatedly disappoint students. They also have a very professional customer service department that will help you with any issues you and your writer are having. Also, if your writer abandons you, then you do not have to pay the writer, you may choose another or get your money back.

Their Writers

The Essay Shark system allows you to live chat with your writer and pick the writer you think is the most suitable for your project. Their essay writing services do not have employed writers in the strictest sense. They have a team of freelance writers that use their system to pick up work. The student user places a project on the system and then chooses the writer that he or she thinks is the most suitable. They are not the very best essay writing service because the quality differs from writer to writer, but they are certainly a trustworthy custom essay writing service. The reason they are probably the most trustworthy writing service is because you do not have to pay for your essay until after you have seen it and read it. You have to pay the system in order to create your project, but you choose when they release the money. If you do not like what you see, then the essay is published online (so you can’t hand it in), and you get your money back. If you do like what you see, then release the money and the essay is yours to hand it.

Prices And Discounts

Their prices range between $20 and $40 per page. They cannot have discounts because you have to pick a price yourself. Writers will bid on your project, and it is your job to pick the winner. The one you choose will write your essay for you. If you have enough time to chat with your writers, you may find one that you can keep going back to again and again.  

Additional Information

The Essay Shark system allows you to pay less for your work, but you take the risk of hiring a writer that lets you down. The system is more ideally suited to people that have longer deadlines, so they may communicate with a number of writers before picking one. The Essay Shark writers are not allowed to rewrite or plagiarize in any way, and they are kicked off the system if they do. All of the writers are custom writers, which means they take your project and write it the way you would have written it. They do not pre-write essays or re-sell old essays. Review Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
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