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Their prices range between $15 and $37 per page. They also offer free revisions, which is fairly standard in the essay writing industry. Do not allow them to tag on extra charges with their small print. For example, their top writer and SMS update options are already ticked on your order form, so un-tick them right away to avoid their tagged on fees. The prices you pay are for custom content, they do not pre-write any essays. They are able to produce essays quickly because their writers are highly experienced and qualified. If you need an essay quickly, then it will cost you more money, but you will get it on time with Grade Miners.

Additional Information

Do they offer the best college essays? One cannot be consistently sure, though they do not offer the worst. What most “thinking” people have an issue with is their over-promotional nature. All of their staff images are of models, and all their video testimonials feature terrible actors. Their “Sorry you are leaving” popup is terrible, especially since it pops up when you are staying (i.e. not leaving). If they were a little more honest with their website marketing and simply claimed they were a small group of academic writers looking for work (which they are), then more people may be willing to give them a chance. They are not a bad writing service, and they do a reasonable job, they should just tone down their website marketing so that it is a little less insulting to their viewer’s intelligence. Review Overall rating: 1.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Can't afford difficult assignments

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I was ready to pay more for a dissertation since this is very important for me. The writer did a good research but the style of writing was not even close to the value of money I paid this service. I would go with another service for such difficult assignments.

very-very bad!

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I've tried many, many services so far and this one goes at the bottom of my list. Bad writing, high prices and horrible service.

Terrible quality

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I have not got my coursework in time and writer didn’t follow all instructions. The paper was terrible, so I wrote it myself. They didn’t save me from sleepless nights because I wrote it myself. I am still waiting for a refund.
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