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When you are a student in the position of wanting to explore your options with regards to buying an essay online, it can often be an incredibly difficult task browsing through the hundreds, if not thousands, of different sites that all claim to provide the very best quality in custom essay writing.

Due to the heavily online nature of the industry, there is very little opportunity to have personal contact with the companies other than at the point of ordering an essay, it’s not like you can go to an office and check out the product before you buy it like in most other forms of commerce and business. Unfortunately, because of this online nature, there a lot of ‘essay writing services’ that are invented simply to try to get money from students in need without giving them anything meaningful in return.

To help students make the right decisions with regards to which custom essay writing service they choose to order from, we here at work to provide you with many reviews of different writing sites across the internet, comparing them with one another and allowing you to see both the positive and negatives so that you can make an educated choice about who to put your trust in. So that you are more aware of exactly how we compose our essay reviews and test out all of the different sites, here is a list of the main elements of the company that we like to explore and evaluate:


One of the key factors in reviewing an essay writing site is in checking how genuine they are in their promises that all essay content will be completely original and unique. The issue of copyright is one of the most important in the essay writing industry, and to avoid any nasty plagiarism claims upon handing an essay in to your school, college or university, you want to make sure that you choose a website that we have deemed honest and authentic in their anti-plagiarism status.

Quality of Writing

Having unique content written for you is the first step, but that step means very little if the quality of the writing you receive is not up to academic standards. A review will always pay special attention to the quality and standard of writing that you should expect to get from individual websites. The sites we recommend highly are those that employ talented, professional writers who have been educated to college graduate level at a minimum, with extra marks for postgraduate level writers on staff.

Customer Support

Something that is also reflected very heavily in our reviews is the amount of customer support and feedback a website it likely to provide to you during the essay writing process. The best companies have dedicated customer support departments, sometimes even open 24/7, that allow students to check on the progress of their essays and have conversation with their specific writer about new ideas that they might want to be incorporated in to the assignment. Customer interaction is important in making you feel more comfortable about the entire process.

Fair Pricing

The online nature of the essay writing industry not only leads to questions about plagiarism and quality, but also about student being taken advantage of with regards to prices. We pay a large focus on making sure that the best recommended sites are those that offer true value for money rather quoting low prices and returning sub-standard work for help with essay writing or any other assignment. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is, stick to our reviews for a fine balance.